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Zazen is the form of meditation at the very heart of Zen practice. In fact, Zen is known as the “meditation school” of Buddhism. Basically, zazen is the study of the self.

The meditation position in itself is very simple, but to start to see the effects on you, and understand the depth and importance of Zazen, you have to practice.

These are the steps to follow :

  1. The boudhist monk will ask you to put yourselves in a row. Put your hands together, as a prier position and lean forward with your hands together when he rings the dong twice.
    Continue doing that until he stops ringing the bell.
  2. Follow the monk into the temple, and put your left foot in first.
  3. Put your hands together and bow in front of the cushion and candles of the monk.
  4. Follow him into the small corridor, which is were you will be sitting to meditate.
  5. The monk will sit on a cushion facing the room, do the sa;e thing on the one that he designates to you.
  6. Once you are sitting on the cushion, take your right hand and lean on it, and that way you can turn your whole body until you are facing the white wall,
  7. Put your legs in the burmese, half lotus or lotus position
  8. Put your hands together in in the \zazen position, which is basically : right hand palm up, put your left hand upalm up on the right hand, and finally push your two thu;bs against each other
  9. When you are in a confortable position, half close your eyes and look at the white wall
  10. Take in a deep breathe from the mouth
  11. Start breathing slowly and regularly trough your nose
  12. Then you have to chase away all of your thoughts to start meditating
  13. After a while, the bhoudist monk will come behind you, you will put your hands in the prier position, move your head to the left side, and he will hit you twice with a stick,
    chasing away the bad thoughts that you may have
  14. Then, you will have to come out of the meditation, when you hear the dong, put your hands in the prier position and bow
  15. Turn around and put your feet on the ground, facing the inside of temple, get up, and face the white wall again and bow one last time.
  16. You will then leave the room, and put some incent on the burning one, and bow again before leaving the temple

It is in the middle of green ills that Zen No Yu is, a Japanese traditional-style Zen hostel providing excellent accomodation to rejunvenate, on the East Coast of the Izu Peninsula in Kawazu. Famous in Japan for the beautiful scenary of cherry blossoms during the spring and its beaches during the summer, Kawazu is only a few hours from the capital, but the feeling is the opposite. Thus, Zen no yu is the perfect place to soak in, due to the hot spring, the Buddhist temple at the entrance or to the healthy, balanced meals prepared by the team of the hotel, it is the zen atmosphere that prevails here. All services and convenience which are provided can be beneficial to revitalize and purify not only the body but also the spirit. Short stay just for a business trip or for holiday, you will find all that you need to relax and regenerate at the end of the day at Zen No Yu, which will enfold you with its zen aura.

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From the Narita air pot riding with local train
Get the keikyuu line to Shinbasi station and change the line to Atami station (JR line)
Then change the line again with Izukyuko Line to Kawazu station.
From kawazu station take the bus to our hostel Zennoyu ( the bus services are not so much. (Mostly one service per an hour . If you know the arrive time we will send you the time schedule)

When you use bullet train
Take the JR line or Keikyu Line from the Narita airport to Shinagawa station and change to bullet train to Atami.


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